We develop the solutions for tomorrow’s fur farmers

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PAMUTEC A/S is an innovative company, producing cleaner systems and complete scraping machines with the best rolls at the market, for fur farmers around the world.


PAMUTEC manufacture the skinning equipment based on fur farmers’ experience and we believe that we achieve the best solutions in close co-operation with our customers.


PAMUTEC is an innovative company and we are constantly focusing on development and creating the best and most profitable solutions within scraping machines and cleaner systems, to ensure our current and future customers’ growth and increased earnings. We are always on the lookout for new solutions and are not afraid to try things no one else has done before.


We emphasize security, stability and quality throughout the entire process, from installation to maintenance and upgrading of the scraping machines and we always offer competent service on all our products.



Direktør Poul Agerbo


"We are constantly focusing on development, and how we thereby can contribute to our customers' growth and increased earnings. This is our primary task."

Poul Agerbo, Founder of PAMUTEC A/S


In 2013 PAMUTEC received the 'GAZELLE'-award. This is an award given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark with high turnover, growth, potential and positive results.



PAMUTEC supports families with children suffering from cancer


Grønlandsvej 5 · 7480 Vildbjerg · Tel +45 9613 3030 · info@pamutec.com