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pamu leather cleaner

The ‘Leather Cleaner’ cleans the skins with rotating cop brushes and hot water (70-80 degrees C). The ‘Leather Cleaner’ uses 3-4 liters of hot water for each skin, but by cleaning and reusing the water the actual consumption is only 2-3 dl water per skin.


The skins are uniform, silky and clean all the way from the head to the tip of the tail. There are no more strips and there is no need for ling sleeves when taning.


Save up to one-third of your total sawdust consumption and get easy access to the machine as there is no drum behind it.


Furthermore: the better the scraping the better ability to stretch! Go for quality and select a PAMU Scraping machine with leather cleaner.

Leather cleaner with cop-brushes and hot water

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