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the best impellers on the market

PAMUTEC has developed and patented the best scraping impellers on the market!


The impellers are silent – less than 85 dB – so you do not need hearing protection. The unique impellers do not vibrate which facilitates a gentle and smooth scraping. You can see the difference between PAMUTEC impellers and the competitors’ in this film clip:


 No stripes, smooth and silent



The impellers are available in 2 different kinds: 

PAMU SILENT PRO and PAMU SILENT PRO EXCELLENT +. The last mentioned (EXCELLENT +) is different as it is suitable for hard and sinewy skins. Both kinds are silent and available in different hardness and sizes.


It is also possible to regrind the impellers - Call us to learn more about the prices: +45 9613 3030


Remember: The sharper the impeller- the better the quality!

We recommend to changing large impellers after 5-7000 skins and the small ones after 4-5000 skins.


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