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pamu sa 100 scraping machine


The PAMU SA 100 is our basic scraping machine including the following equipment:

  • Quick cleaner Opens internal link in current windowread more
  • Fat scraper Opens internal link in current windowread more
  • Heated beam
  • Skin pull-off system with excessive length
  • Sawdust dosage
  • 4 large and two small impellers
  • 1 large touch screen



Extra features: 

  • Suction for fat scraper
    (nessecary, if you do nat have one in advance)
  • Extra touch screen

Extra possibilities for upgrading the basic model to a PAMU 100 XT:


  • Automatic skin holder for beam with uppercut
  • Cop brushes and warm water for rinsing off excess fat
  • Extended program with more features
Scraping machine for mink fur at a great price - PAMU SA 100 Basic
Scraing machine - PAMU SA 100 Basic

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